Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gardening for wildlife in the city

Over the years my gardening style has evolve several times; lately I find that I garden with wildlife in mind.  I get as much joy from seen the different type of wildlife visiting my garden, that I do from the plants and the flowers. 
The greedy city developers have made our neighborhood deserts for wildlife.  I believe is up to those of us with small city gardens to make them wildlife friendly.   In my garden I make sure that there is plenty of water available, full birdfeeders, plenty of hiding places for birds and reptiles, bees and butterflies friendly plants, and the most important ingredient a pesticide and chemical free garden.

This is wildest corner of my garden, the 4 by 6 foot area of the garden is anchor by an old hallow coconut tree trunk.  This part of the garden is home to a garden snake, an opossum mom made the tree trunk home and many frogs and lizards.

Unintended consequences, the air plant on this palm has over the years been home to many bird’s nest.  It also has become home of many of my bromeliads and orchids collection.

Happy Labor Day 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New this year a kitchen garden

This year I’m doing a winter kitchen garden instead of a vegetable garden.  Last year most of my vegetables did poorly while the salad greens and herbs did well.  I’m tired of growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other vegies and end up getting little in return. 
I’m starting early this year, weeding and turning over the soil, later in September I’ll add more soil and some additives and will start planting in early October.  I need suggestions as to what will do well in the shade; this area of the garden only gets a couple of hours of sun in the winter.


This week at the DragonFly garden.

Blooming this week

August is a good time for butterfly watching; here are a few I was able to photograph this week.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Testing my new Blogger App in my I Phone

Waiting in a Dr. office with nothing to do, why not do a post on my blog.  
I am back from a rested vacation in Sanibel Fl.
It rained in Miami almost everyday so the garden did well during my absent, back to the soil on Saiturday. 

Sunrise at Sanibel beach

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hibiscus explosion

We are midway through our summer season and the garden is lacking in color.  I think most flowers are taking a break, is too hot to bloom.  Except for the hibiscus, all three of my potted plants are in full bloom.

 Other blooms in the garden.

Today I pressure cleaned all the tiles and garden borders in my back yard.  This is a most job, once a year especially during the summer.  The mold turns everything black, and it looks terrible.

My neighbor’s avocados are ready for picking.

He won’t be picking many; this is what happens when you don’t prune your trees.  Most of the avocados are too high to pick and will break up when they hit the ground. 
I am taking a few weeks off from the blog and the garden (Way too hot for gardening)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gateway to Key West

This weekend my wife and I, joined friends on a short gateway to the funky town of Key West, or as is known around here the “Conch Republic”.  The Island of Key West is only a two and half hour drive from Miami but the atmosphere of this town is as far remove from South Florida as you can get.   I love the keys, if it was up to me I would pick up and move there tomorrow (Not possible now $$$$)

The southernmost town has something for everyone.   
Unique architecture and beautiful gardens not touched by modern development.   

Surrounded by the sea, water sports is the thing to do.  Beaches I am sorry to say, are not so great.

There is lots of drinking at all times of the day.

Interested historical figures called Key West home. 

The mystical chickens of Key West, they below to no one, but they have become part of the fabric of city.

The not so welcome part time tourists (Cruise ship passengers)  They come out of their ships in the morning and leave by 3pm.  (I am sorry to say I was one of them two months ago)

On the way to Key West, you see the remnant of bridges from the old Henry Flagler Railroad that once connected Miami with Key West.    I am fascinated with these bridges, many are use as fishing piers and bike path, others are closed and in terrible disrepair.  If it was up to me I would save them all.

And then there is this Iguana that scared the dickens out of me.  I was standing next to it and didn’t see it.  Not a native creature of these parts, but one that adds to the mystic of the place.