Sunday, November 20, 2016

The new winter vegetable garden

Today I finished the vegetable / kitchen garden, this year is all on containers and in a new location in the back of the house.  This new location is the only place in the garden where I get four to five hours of sunshine in the morning.  I planted tomatoes, herbs, arugula, spinach, swiss chard and three strawberry plants.  We will see if the new location will be productive, I keep you posted.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ramble at Fairchild Garden

This weekend was the annual Ramble plant sale at Fairchild Garden.  This yearly event is a must for South Florida gardeners, I make sure to attend every year.  This year I didn't come home with any exotic plants but I did bring home some herbs and tomato plants for my new kitchen garden.  I also purchased a few strawberry plants to plant in hanging baskets.  
The weather has been great in South Florida lately, perfect for gardening, unfortunate my nine to five job has been demanding with my time.  I am a little late with my winter planting, usually vegetable gardens should be all done by the end of October.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Painted Buntings are back

This Painted Bunting couple are regulars at my bird-feeder everyday.  They were here last winter and are back for the second year.  There is also a second female that comes around sometimes, I am not sure if they are a family.  The male painted bunting is one of the most beautiful birds around, I am so lucky to these two in my garden. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The snowbirds are back

I noticed that my birdfeeder is getting busy with new winter arrivals.  This is the time of the year when many migratory birds stop by our gardens, on the way south.  Others stay around for the winter season.  So far I have seen a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher, a hummingbird, a female Painted Bunting and a beautiful male Cardinal (Cardinals are not migratory birds but for some reason they don’t stay around here during the summer)
 This Blue Jay is a year-round resident and the king of the birdfeeder.  These days he is not too happy that the dinning room is getting crowded.

This week at the DragonFly garden:

I started one of my big winter projects, moving the kitchen/vegetable garden to a sunny area in the back of the house.  First I had to find a new location for my collection of cactus and succulents. 
( Is time to pressure clean the pavers)

The work continues next week.
 This is the time for my bougainvilleas in containers to put on their winter colors.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ten years of blogging

This past week was my blog’s tens anniversary.  Is hard to believe that I been writing this garden blog for the last ten years.  In the early days of my gardening hobby I was reading other gardener’s blog to get pointers and ideas, after a while I decided to start my own blog and share my own experience with my fellow internet gardener.  It has been a tremendous ride in the past ten years we have seen so many changes in this media.  Today the Dragonfly Garden Blog is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media has taken off and has made our little corner of heaven available to a worldwide audience.
 Ten years is a long time and I have evolved as a gardener.  Today my garden is not as neat as it used to be, there are more tropical fruit trees, more mixing and matching of different kinds of plants, pollinator plants everywhere and many small ecosystems within the garden.  The future is hard to predict, it will probably bring less lawn grass and more wild places and wild life.

I thank you for following me on my little adventure, here is to the next ten years.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

The yearly hurricane practice run

So hurricane Matthew was in our neighborhood this week, we were so lucky that it decided to pass by one hundred miles offshore of Miami.  Every year we get a couple of these storms near by and every year we all go into hurricane preparation mode.  As far as my house goes, I have impact windows so the house is protected; my problem is everything I have in the garden.   I usually put most of my garden decorations and container plants inside my back porch and close the shutters. 
This year Matthew decided to come when my wife and I were on vacation in Colorado enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  We made it back to Miami on Wednesday morning in time before the local authorities closed the airport.

Today was a day of putting the garden back together and cleaning up the mess left behind by the tropical storm winds we got.  Overall everything was OK except for a couple broken branches and lots of leaves on the ground.  The people of Haiti, Eastern Cuba, The Bahamas, northern Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas were not as lucky, I hope and pray for a quick recovery for all affected.

 On a different topic here are some of the photos I took during my visit to the Rocky Mountains where fall colors were at peak time.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall is here and the leaves are changing in South Florida

Fall has arrived in South Florida and the leaves are changing (not really) only the Plumeria tree does the fall thing around here.  This is the time for all the Plumeria trees to start to drop their leaves and go bare for the winter, the only sign we have that the season is changing.

Soon all these leaves will be on the ground

Garden time has been hard to come by around here.  Between bad weather and a demanding nine to five job, my garden has seen very little of me.  I worked on my side patio, moving, changing and adding new containers.  I will soon start to work on my vegetable garden, I’m waiting for cooler weather sometime in October.  This year I am changing the entire concept and that will take time and lots of work (stay tune)

Pictures from around the garden this week.

This bromaliad aTillandsia deppeana, was a nice surprise seven flowers in a small container

It would not be a tropical garden without hibiscus flowers, this one is my favorite

This side of the house gets shade all year around, perfect for this bananas and black elephant ear plants 

My newest addition, this coleus is call "Fishnet Stocking" 

The purple Allamanda vine is using the the starburst tree to grow high up, I like the look.

I am ending this post with a photo of a male Julia butterfly, sucking the nectar from a firebush flower.