Sunday, September 23, 2007

Look out the Sheriff is back in town

We are back in our home after two and half months of renovations. Last week we moved back and we been very busy putting our home back together again. My wife is a collector of many things, I told her people who collect should never move.

This weekend I dedicated a couple of hours early in the morning to the garden. Where do I begin?
While the gardener is away plants like the bougainvillea, the porter blue flower and many others take over the garden, the snails roam freely and eat at will and the weak plants die of starvation or lack of sun from the bullies in the garden.

The idea is to take back one section of the garden at a time. Step one prune and prune some more

Front of the house a total Bougainvillea take over

Surprise, surprise my bromeliads have flowers.

The side patio took a beating this is where the workers came in and out of the house. I I need to replace the pebbles and restore the fountain.
Plants running wild

My work area needs to be organize.


Next section the herbs and tomato garden.


Anonymous said...
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Catherine said...

All so beautiful!! I LOVE bouginvillia..don't think I spelled it correctly....yours is gorgeous!!


Brenda said...

Lots of work; but looks great.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

When the gardener is away, the plants will have a field day! ;-)

I can see that you've done a lot of work already in the garden Rusty and it's looking great once again.

Looking forward to see the tomato and herb garden!

Meems said...

good for you getting out there and taking control. gardening is hard enough normally but when you have to be away it makes catching up a hard job... it all looks great!