Sunday, November 11, 2007

ENGLIMIAMI Garden look ???

Are you like me? I spend most of my gardening time working in my back yard and I totally ignore my front garden. For 2008 I am determined to change and it all started this weekend.
I am embarking on a new project transforming my front yard from an “AH” look to an English garden look (I call it ENGLIMIAMI look)

First, I need more flowers in the front garden. This weekend I added, a White Plumeria plant, and some Zinnias around the borders.

These two new hanging baskets with Dusty Miller, Coleus, Philox, and Zinnia should look very nice in a couple of weeks.

Second, I need to get rid of the large Black Olive tree in the front. Every couple of years I hire someone to cut back the tree to make it safe for hurricane season. I don’t know what I was thinking when I planted this tree in my small front yard. I am going to replace it with a baby Jacaranda tree I currently have in a container.

Third, I need to add a nice border around the garden (maybe a white picket fence) and remove most of the grass.

This is going to be a year-long project. I will keep you all posted with updates as I go along!


Gina said...

rusty - yikes! if you think YOUR front yard is neglected, you should see mine! I think yours is really nice. i had to do a double take when you said you just planted zinnias since I just threw mine out that I had grown from seed after our first frost. oh what it must be like to garden in miami.

landscaping my front yard is also on my 2008 garden agenda. I actually started already by digging out the new bed. i'm going to try the "lasagna gardening" in that area. today i put down wet newspaper to kill the grass then a thick layer of mulched leaves over that. hopefully that will decompose by next spring and I'll have a nice rich bed to plant in.

good luck with your front garden.

Meems said...

rusty- i don't neglect my front yard but i can say i really enjoy working in the back yard much more. it is more private and quiet in the back and since it is where we spend our casual entertainment time-- i cater to how it appeals to me more.

you have a great overall plan. i'll be watching closely for the progress.

i planted zinnias yesterday too. they are my first ever... i hope they do well ...for you and for me.

Wicked Gardener said...

Rusty -
I'm always worried I'll be mistaken for one of those wooden cutouts of an old woman's behind when I garden in the front yard. Much easier to garden in the PJ's in the backyard.

Please nix the white picket fence idea. The thought of it in front of that beautiful Mediterranean style home just breaks my heart!

LostRoses said...

Your front yard looks gorgeous, and it will be even better with your new plantings. You are a brave man to take down that big tree, I wouldn't have the heart. But who can argue with a baby jacaranda instead? I would go for a nice white metal or iron open fence in a simple design to set off your stylish stucco and tile-roofed house.

Connie said...

Wow, that sounds like a very ambitious project....will look forward to some photo updates. It seems weird you are planting things, when our gardening season has just ended...trying not to have zone envy. :-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That's a very ambitious project you're having in mind Rusty. Can't wait to see it implemented! BTW your front garden doesn't look neglected at all to me. ;-)

Pam/Digging said...

Rusty, thanks for changing your settings so non-Blogger folks can comment too.

I say, don't cry for that black olive if you can have a gorgeous jacaranda there instead. Wow, those purple flowers will look great against your terracotta-colored house, and the tree is much airier and better suited to a small yard, isn't it?

I agree with Wicked Gardener though. With respect, a white picket fence won't work with your stucco house. But a low, black iron fence would be wonderful. As I've learned in sizzling Texas, you can still have an English garden aesthetic even while using hardscaping and plants better suited to your region.