Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer blooms!!!

The height of the summer season has arrived at the DragonFly. The mid-day temperatures are in the 90’s, humidity is high, and it rains every day (the rain is welcome after the drought we had this winter).

The star of my summer blooms is the “Rangoon Creeper” (no it is not a horror movie), also known as Quisqualis Indica. In my native country it was known as “Jasmin Manzano”, which translates to "Apple Jasmine," probably so named because of the fragrance of the flowers.
The vine is very aggressive and it needs to be cut back several times during the year. I don’t mind the extra work; the rewards I get from this plant are worth it. Besides the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers, it also brings back memories of my grandmother’s garden in Cuba.

This morning the rain lilies appeared for the first time.

This beautiful plant growing in all the shady areas of my garden comes back every year between May and October. I don’t know the name but I believe it is a relative of the Prayer plant.

Today my wife and I are heading to Captiva Island in the west coast of Florida for the weekend; we are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary. I’ll see you next week.


Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary.

Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary Rusty...hope you have had a wonderful time.
Your blooms are so pretty, I am unfamiliar with them. It is good to visit other countries and see what they grow.

Wicked Gardener said...

Happy Anniversary Rusty! I think your plant is peacock ginger (Kaempferia pulchra). I love gingers. Are you growing this in the shade? I thought about this plant for some shady parts of my yard.

a friend said...

wow! the lilies are gorgeous.

Cabs said...

Your Cuban roots with gardening are of interest especially since i have a new elderly neighbor who is cuban and this week ha brought me tiger lilies and iris pants that he got from someone's garden. He doesn't speak much english so I don't know the whole story but I was very touched that he brought these plants to me. Apparently he was an avid gardner in NYC but now he is in elderly housing he does not have a garden.
Remember a few months ago when I asked for advice on a fence? Well we have been building a custom fence for our front garden, Stop by and see. It should all come together in the next 2 weeks as the local Garden Tour is coming through then!

Jeanette said...

Gday Rusty, Happy Anniversary.
love all your blooms. ohh ive never seen all those colours of Jasmine. I had a very highly scented white jasmine and had to have it taken out as my daughter was allergic to it the ofshoots kept comming up for months.I dont think we ever got rid of it as we sold and moved away ..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, WG was right, it's a peacock ginger.
I MUST get that Quisqualis Indica! Are the whites and reds happening on the same vine or do you have 2 different kinds?
I keep moving to parts of Florida with no rain. Longwood had no rain. I move to Oviedo? Still no rain.