Thursday, September 24, 2009

The amazing Dragon Fruit

This is a dragon fruit, one of two produced this year by my night bloomer tree (also known as cactus orchid)

Of the hundreds of flowers that bloomed this summer, only two have gone to fruit. The flowers only bloom at night, and pollination must be done by nocturnal living things, such as bats and moths.
The dragon fruits is consider a miracle fruit, they are highly concentrated with Vitamin C, minerals and a high on fiber. These nutrients are known as antioxidant which usually help in the prevention of the formation of free radicals that cause cancer
12 hours in the life of a night bloomer flower
10 PM
Morning the next day


Anonymous said...

What an interesting plant. I love the flowers. Hopefully you'll have more fruit.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

How neat you captured the whole process!!
Great post!

Prospero said...

Hi Rusty. What color is your fruit? It sure makes a wonderful vine. I have mine growing on the trunk of a fiddlewood tree.

Liz said...

Ha! i never knew the english name for this fruit, known here in Nicaragua as pitaya. it is one of my favorites. Thank you for the lovely post!

Nicole said...

cool looking fruit!

Sylvia said...

Wow what a large plant, do you like the taste of the fruit?

My Chutney Garden said...

What a lovely name! I've never seen this plant. Very very cool. Do you know what family it belongs to? Cactus maybe?