Sunday, November 08, 2009

My winter herb and vegetable garden is done.

I am finally done with my winter herb and vegetable garden, for the last couple of weeks I been planting the vegetable bed a little at a time. This year I added more than ever, for the first time I’m growing butternut squash, arugula and yummy peppers. Wish me luck with the squash, I don’t know how big is going to get, I am hoping it grows up the trellis.

This is the list of what I planted.

Eggplant – Black Beauty
Red bell peppers
Yummy peppers
Butternut Squash
Four different kinds of tomatoes – Red cherry, Yellow cherry, Celebrity and Better bush


Mix lettuces


Sweet and Italian basil

I’ll keep you posted of the progress, so far in two weeks the tomatoes are growing nicely.


Evelyn Howard said...

Looks very neat!! I'm looking forward to yr progress report - good luck!

Meems said...

So fun to have your own veggies. Good luck to you.

Nicole said...

Looks lovely, good luck. I have great results with arugula, mustard and rapini. I just started sowing my some of my veggie and herb seeds.

vrtlarica said...

Good luck with all your veggies!

Darla said...

Looks good, wish you much success with the squash..

Susan said...

Lots of great looking edibles there, Rusty. Enjoy!

Kiki said...

This looks so wonderful!! Yay! I am a herb fanatic! I love how you have everything set up..fantastic!! Wishing you good luck and an abundant harvest!Look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

MARLENE said...

Looks great, you have taken much care. Can't wait to see the goodies
Thanks for sharing it.

Aditya Rai said...

Love it

Aditya Rai said...

Nice, Loved it