Saturday, January 23, 2010

The cleanup continues

Today I dedicated my time to the front garden, as you can see my ground orchids took a hit, I am hoping that they’ll come back.

For those of you new to my blog this is what they looked like in their best days.

The weather today was great for gardening, I managed to finish this section of the garden but I had to stop and go inside my lower back was killing me.

My bromeliads did well in the cold weather, no damage so far.

Tomorrow my entire family is heading to the Fairchild Tropical Garden for their annual chocolate festival. How can you go wrong, plants and chocolate?


Janine said...

if I understood well, is the cold which because this damage in your garden, it is really damage because it was very very beautiful.
I like a lot your garden, your mixtures with bromeliads, the spathoglottis and all.
I speak a little english because I'm french from Guadeloupe (in the Caribbean). The weather is fine
On my blog there is a translator at the left side
Thanks for your beautiful garden

Amy said...

We got hit hard with two freezes in Austin. I have some plants that I'm not sure about, either. Your ground orchids are beautiful! I hope to see them again in recent photos. :)
Also, the color combinations that you have in your garden are really pretty especially with the container placed in the bed.

Darla said...

Actually your gardens look quite good. I was just looking at the Ground Orchids at Lowes yesterday. May have to go back and grab a container of them, just beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty....I do hope that your orchids come back. Such beautiful blooms.....and I love the colour.

Hope the lower back is feeling a little better....I know that feeling, might I suggest a good massage.

Chocolate and plants....can I come please??

Grace Peterson said...

Plants and chocolate? Can I come? LOL Your garden looks beautiful. I see you cut the orchid foliage back. It sure makes a difference. Have fun tomorrow, Rusty.

leavesnbloom said...

Hello Rusty

Thankyou for visiting my garden and leaving a comment. I've come over here to see yours too and its really lovely even in the midde of winter. Everything in yours can only be grown indoors here so its great to see bromeliads not in a small pot - and that pot with them billowing over the edge loooks very attractive. Your ground orchids still look good to me - I hope your freezing weather has not done too much damamge. Nice to meet you. Rosie :)

Susan said...

Those ground orchids are beautiful. I would like to plant my potted ones, but I know they won't survive here. Hope you had a great time at Fairchild.

GetSoiled said...

Hi DragonFly! I just came by for a quick visit and saw the photos of your entryway and it looks so posh, green, and just beautiful!

Your plants will bounce back from this past cold spell in no time! :)

ldybug said...

I wonder how those orchids are doing now? I think mine will come back too.