Saturday, February 13, 2010

I lost my night bloomer / Dragon fruit tree.

Last night we had a violent storm with winds up to 60 miles per hour, and my night bloomer was the casualty.
I had a feeling the days were number for this beautiful plant, the coconut trunk holding it was rotting and showing signs that it was cracking.

This picture was from better days.


Jacquie said...

What a tremendous loss. Did you ever get fruit off of it or just those beautiful flowers?

Ami said...

Oh, so sorry to see your loss. Maybe you can start a new one by planting the cuttings? But then maybe you need to wait for while for it to bloom again. That "better" picture used to make me drooling... so gorgeous!

noel said...

sorry to see your dragon fruit wither....waaaaaaa! on another note, i love that post you did with the artist at the fairchild botanical, spectacular.

txs for visiting my blog too on sepia tones.

Janine said...

Sorry and sad to see that
Have a good day

Evelyn Howard said...

Poor plant! It was beautiful.