Sunday, August 01, 2010

What’s blooming in the garden on this first day of August?

The powderpuff tree is in full bloom for the second time this year

The white crinum lily is blooming after a rough winter, at one point during the below freezing days this plant looked like a goner.

This is the peak time for the white plumeria or bride’ bouquet.

Other summer favorites.

The blue porterflower a favorite of bees.


The Mexican petunias are everywhere, they are becoming an invasive plant allover the garden.

This orange Julia butterfly visited the garden this morning.


My Little Family: said...

Your garden looks beautiful - I cannot even tell there was a bad winter.

My crinum has not bloomed and I recently transplanted it to get it to what I thought was a cooler spot but transplanting is risky this hot season. So far still alive.

Our big plumeria took a huge hit so my husband cut it down. I guesshe had to because branches were rotting and falling off and it was big and dangerous. Lucky for me the stump has sent up three new branches :)

We used the winter damage to get rid of a very invassive bouganvilla. It was trying to take over the neighborhood.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your garden looks beautiful. What a beautiful orange butterfly and image. I love your white plumeria. It is just so pretty and lights up that spot in your garden.

Ami said...

ooh, that powderpuff tree is so beautiful in full bloom. Glad that you used it as head picture now. Love, Love that bride' bouquet! I can see they are in blooming everywhere, just gorgeous! White always makes me feel cool in this hot summer... thanks for the beautiful picture!

Floridagirl said...

Those are some of my favorite summer blooms! Great, tough Florida plants. My plumeria pudica came back nicely from the freeze, but just last week something cut all the stems close the ground. Ugh. I'm going to root the remnants.

Wish we had the Julia butterfly here. I keep hoping....

Andrea said...

I am glad i come here. Someone asked me about that 'plumeria-like' plant with white flowers, but i haven't seen it. There you are it really is a Plumeria species and the cultivar could be 'bridal bouquet'. Now i have a lead and might be able to follow it up in google. I like your photos especially the butterflies and other insects. thank you.

David, Melanie and family said...

Nice post! Great flowers!
OK, Rusty, don't let that ruellia take over. I had it for a while and traded it for the much tamer cousin varieties. The tall type can grow into the hundreds, but the good news is...they are easy to pull up when young. Happy Gardening!
David at Tropical Texana, Houston

The Florida Blogger said...

Powderpuff Tree. Huh? Seen them all over. Didn't know what they were called until now.

freerangegirl said...

Ive never seen Lilies that look as perfect as these - what a beautiful show!

Susan said...

I see that your garden has recovered from the nasty winter quite well. Your white plumeria is outstanding. It seems to have some unusual shaped leaves. Mine is just now coming back from the very base of the plant. No flowers this year, but at least it survived. Hope you're getting rain.

Kimberly said...

I love your blooms, especially the crinum! I have 3 different kinds in my space...this one included. I like the Mexican Petunia, Ruellia, even though it's very aggressive and a "plant of concern" when it comes to it's invasive habit. The butterflies and bees like it too. Your butterfly is really pretty..I've not seen one like this.