Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is that time of the year

Is time to plant the vegetable garden.

Every year I wait for my local U-pick farm to plant their winter vegetables before I start my own garden.

This U-pick farm is very close to my house and the only one left in the area. Twenty years ago when my family moved to western Miami, the area was blanketed with strawberry and tomato fields. Today the expanding suburbs have pushed them all out.

This field was on the way to be converted into an office park, but the current economic conditions put an end to that idea, so we will have fresh vegetables for another season.

Today I planted red peppers, arugula and sweet basil. I am also sowing lettuce, squash and zucchini seeds.

Behind the burlap cover I am growing 20 tomatoes plants in containers.

Tomorrow we are going to the “Edible Garden Festival” at Fairchild Tropical Garden. I’m hoping to pick more plants for my vegetable garden.

This is the latest addition to my collection of succulents in containers.

I am hook on succulents; I want to buy them all.


Antique ART Garden said...

I want that giant seashell on the left of your succulent container. Never seen that type so large. great that you are growing veggies as well, take care, Gina

ChrisC said...

I've gotten hooked on succulents,as well.
and I use beat-up horse conchs an
d whelks as yard art,too.
Sad that development has encroached on the local u-pick farms.Maybe the soppage of development will be an upside to this downturn in our economy....

Susan said...

Hi Rusty...Looks like you're growing a nice selection of veggies in a small space. It's always interesting to see how other Florida gardeners grow veggies. Love your succulents...I am becoming obsessed with them. Good luck with your garden.