Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garage Sale Saturday

Yesterday my wife and I had our yearly garage sale. This is the time of the year when we take all the clutter from our home and get rid of all the things we don’t need or use anymore. Every year we think that this will be our last garage sale, but every year we managed to accumulate more things we don’t need or use (got to keep the economy going)

This year for the first time I sold extra Bromeliad plants that I had around the garden, and to my surprise many were sold. The best part was meting fellow gardeners and giving tours of my garden, it was definite a lot of fun.

At the end of the day after taking everything unsold to Goodwill, we both were tired but satisfied with the results. I do think this was my last garage sale; I am getting too old for this kind of work.


Antique ART Garden said...

Garage sales are a ton of work, I have not had one in about 6 years or so. Kudos.

Darla said...

Yes they are a lot of work. Glad you were satisfied with your results. I enlarged the photos to admire your yard!

Floridagirl said...

I would've love to hit that bromeliad sale!!!

Ami said...

Oh, I wish I can live closer to pick up some bromeliads and get a tour in your garden as well!

Green thumb said...

Garage sale is a wonderfully new concept for me. We do not have such a thing here and have to rely on used things dealers for disposing off our clutter.
I am sure all the fatigue was well worth the effort.