Saturday, February 05, 2011

Super Bowl party

Tomorrow we are having family and friends over for a super bowl party / barbecue. This morning I worked on getting the garden ready for the guests.

This corner of the garden needed some spruce up; I moved some container plants around and added some mulch.

I got this plant from a neighbor today, he didn’t know the name but I think is kind of cool. Does anyone know the name?

My one and only Azalea plant is in full bloom. I got to get me more Azaleas for the garden; they are fast becoming my BFF flower.

About the Super Bowl, I have no skin in this game. I am not a fan of Pittsburgh or Green Bay, but it is the Super Bowl and a good excuse for a barbecue. I am hoping for a good game and funny commercials. Someday my Dolphins will return to the Super Bowl (wishful thinking)


Antique ART Garden said...

Looks very good in your corner, enjoy your barbecue , take care, Gina

Darla said...

Your gardens are always so tidy....any excuse for a bbq is wonderful to me!

Anonymous said...

I think you plant is called air plant or something like that. the cool thing about it is that you can take a leaf or part of a leaf...put it in potting mix and it will grow new baby plants. fun for the kids. Or try just pinning a leaf on the wall and see what happens. aloha

Susan said...

The Dolphins better return...and soon. As a faithful fan, I'm getting tired of waiting. Your garden is looking good. I wasn't sure if azaleas did well so far south, but it looks like they do. Hope you enjoyed the game!

Victoria said...

The unknown plant , i have it growing in my garden here in Miami.. iT was out of control so i cut it down.. my jamaican friend told me that its a great plant that they use in the caribbean. They boil it and drink it. He told me its in the family of Aloe.

island timer said...

We've got soem of your mystery plant around here, too. It's in the kalanchoe family for sure. They thrive in sandy conditions so well that they have rooted themselves around the yardtrash pile and get no care from us. You can have thousands of them if you see to it.
Love your posts and pics!

SiestaSister said...

It definitely is a kalanchoe. They grow like crazy.

I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the cascading yellow miniature orchid? I bought one yesterday but it has no name tag.

Your pictures are wonderful and so is your garden......beautiful!!