Saturday, June 11, 2011

Composting the vegetable garden

Today I composted what remained of the vegetable garden

I am not a big fan of composting in a small garden, but I know the benefits outweigh seeing and smelling the ugly composter.
For now, the old vegetable bed will serve as a holding storage for recuperating potted plants. I am planing major changes for next season, so stay tuned.

Our Australian Cattle Dog, Rosie, plays and I work. It's good to be a dog! Rosie is one of the reasons why I keep grass in my garden.

The white Mandevilla was looking outstanding this morning.

Fires in the Everglades to the west of us were blowing smoke into the city this morning, it created an unpleasant outdoor day. The Everglades have been on fire for days due to the extreme drought conditions.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, my family and I are heading to the beach. We live near some of the best beaches in the world and we seldom go. Trying to change that!


The Florida Blogger said...

I would give just about anything for a little water from the sky. Man, it's been dry south of Tampa.

sherryocala said...

The thunder is rumbling here in the distance. I wonder if it's bringing rain to anyone. We have smoke here, too. Have a fun day at the beach, Rusty!

FaithieP said...

Rumbling is all I get! The rain passes just to the north or to the south of me. Our daily rains are very late! Thank you micro irrigation!

NanaK said...

We need rain too. Sure hope we all get some soon. Your composting efforts will pay big dividends in your garden. I love having my own "dirt" to use without buying more. (I always buy potting mix for my containers though.) Enjoy your beach day!

Wicked Gardener said...

Hey Rusty!

Hope rain is coming your way! That white Mandevilla is great.

Susan said...

I hadn't heard that there is a fire in the everglades. I'm really surprised we aren't having more fires. Our skies are full of pollutants due to the lack of rain. Your mandevilla looks beautiful!