Sunday, September 23, 2012

Regular Fall Maintenance

This weekend I concentrated on my back garden, the summer rains created a jungle, and some of the plants were out of control specially the Rangoon Creeper.  The weekend was not ideal for gardening, we had torrential rains both days but I was able to finish.


After – All it takes to make it look like new is some mulch, a few annuals (Asters and Pentas) and it’ll be good for a couple of months.


Missy said...

It looked good before but now it looks great. Don't you feel good when you've worked in the garden and you can see the results.

Vidad, AKA David the Good said...

Looks amazing... you've created quite an Eden there.

Susan said...

Plants do have a tendency to get out of hand by the end of a Florida summer. I'm just now venturing out again to restore some order to my garden.