Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sick Palms

MY Queen and Christmas palms in the front of the house are suffering from something that looks like black leaf diseases.  The new leafs are not healthy and both palms are dying, so I will be calling someone to cut them both.  These palms were planted by the builder back in 1990 when the house was built and were here when we moved in; I hate to see them go.  
All my bromeliads around the palms are cover with this black fungus, that is making growing anything in the front garden very difficult. 
Pictures from around the garden:
The birds were happy,

and the caterpillars were hungry. 
Flowers blooming this week   


The cucumber plants are growing fast and already have flowers  


Northern Shade said...

It's a shame to lose 2 tall palms to disease. They give a mature look to your yard with their height. At least the other plants that are getting covered in the fungus will be relieved when they go.

marlo said...

The palms may be suffering from the gumbo limbo white fly. The black on the fronds and on the plants below may be sooty mold excreted from these white flies. If this is what it is, the palms should survive. The sooty mold is just messy and should be washed off with a power washer. Miami Dade has issued several advisories regarding this white fly.

surroundedbyangels said...

We've been having problems with this stuff too! I live in Hollywood (FL), and I have been hearing of other people having problems with it as well. It has pretty much killed one of our Crotons, and killed another of our larger ones. I sprayed our orange tree when it threatened it and now it's gone from that tree (thankfully).