Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hibiscus queen of the tropics

This yellow hibiscus is my latest addition to my collection of hibiscus plants in containers.   Hibiscus plants have been part of my garden since the beginning, is impossible to garden in the tropics and not have one of this beautiful plants.  Over the years I moved my hibiscus from planted on the ground to containers, I find they do best and last longer.
I found this mushroom looking thing in one of my garden beds, hard as a rock.

Blooming this week, my mango tree, the keylime tree, roses and dill.



Deb said...

Lovely photos, my Hibiscus does much better in containers rather than in the ground too. I just love them, thanks for sharing your wonderful garden.

Progress Lighting said...

The yellow hibiscus is really an attraction. Very beautiful. Yellow as the sun. Nice pictures of the flowers. Beautiful garden and set of plants you have there.

Daniel said...

"The yellow hibiscus is really an attraction. Very beautiful."

Couldn't agree more..