Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yellow Cassia tree in full bloom

This is the second year my yellow cassia tree flowered, and so far this year the blooms are spectacular.  I like the color yellow in the garden and this tree never disappoints.  If you are looking for a fast growing tree in zone 10 or 11, one that blooms in the fall and is not too big, I recommend the Cassia Tree.  It is also plant food for butterflies.

This weekend I purchased a few plants to spruce up the front garden for the holidays.


Nicole said...

Very lovely. I had cassia tree for a few years and loved all the suburbs butterflies it fed.

Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...


I'm 99% certain it's also a nitrogen-fixing tree, so there's just one more benefit - particularly in Florida's sandy nutrient-poor soil.

My tree has thus far refused to bloom for me. I'm not sure why.

Ela said...

This garden is beautiful and so perfect.