Saturday, February 15, 2014

“Bromeliad wars” fighting the spikes.

The last two weeks has been a garden war against the spiking Bromeliads (I have the scars to prove it) I took on the overgrown bromeliads in the front of the house; it was time to make some changes in this corner of the garden.

Work in process

It turns out that the trunk of the fig palm is a perfect place to grow bromeliads


The bougainvillea and wood fence will be gone soon. 

 I planted more Sansevierias in the corner; it’s going to look great with wall in the background

Does anyone want some free leftover broms??

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Missy said...

I know what you mean they can be brutal. I have so many at the moment that need dividing. I know blood will be spilt - mine.