Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hibiscus explosion

We are midway through our summer season and the garden is lacking in color.  I think most flowers are taking a break, is too hot to bloom.  Except for the hibiscus, all three of my potted plants are in full bloom.

 Other blooms in the garden.

Today I pressure cleaned all the tiles and garden borders in my back yard.  This is a most job, once a year especially during the summer.  The mold turns everything black, and it looks terrible.

My neighbor’s avocados are ready for picking.

He won’t be picking many; this is what happens when you don’t prune your trees.  Most of the avocados are too high to pick and will break up when they hit the ground. 
I am taking a few weeks off from the blog and the garden (Way too hot for gardening)

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Meems said...

I'm so glad I own a pressure washer... like you say.. a MUST with Florida's humidity and moisture. Hibiscus truly do shine in the midst of our worst heat! Your garden is looking great. Meems