Saturday, September 05, 2015

Time to make the winter vegetable garden!!!

Today I cleared out all the weeds from the vegetable garden and turned the soil over.  Later this month, I will add compost to the soil.  The garden should be ready for planting in early October. Last year was not a very productive year, so this year I will be making some changes to the choices of vegetables, herbs plants and the mixtures.


While clearing the vegetable beds, I found this family of opossums living in one the block squares.  I did not disturbed the little guys, hopefully they will move on in a couple of days.  I was reading that opossums are very misunderstood creatures, they are not harmful and will not disturb the garden.  

Free bromeliads for anyone to take.

The summer rains continue and so are the rain lilies.


Meta Chalker said...

The opossums who come to visit me in my gardens generally uproot freshly dug areas containing new transplants and seed beds. They are very destructive as far as I am concerned.

Meta Chalker said...

Just want to say as well how beautiful your rain lilies look.

Susan said...

I cannot believe the opossums were living in one of the squares. How cute! Your veggie bed looks ready to go. I need to go out and give mine a good once over, too.

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