Sunday, October 04, 2015

Pollinator habitat

Over the years I have added many plants in my garden that are pollinator friendly. I believe that we gardeners have a role to play in saving these very important contributors to our planet.  We all know the stories, bees are in trouble because of diseases and butterflies are on the decline because of the loss of habitat.  It is time for all us, no matter have small our gardens are, to take this very important cause on behalf of these defenseless creatures.
Today I am declaring that from now on, my garden will be a pollinator habitat.  This will mean no chemicals (I don’t use any), all new plants will be pollinator friendly, more native plants and less grass.  I will also be talking about pollinator friendly plants on all my blog postings.

This week at the DragonFly Garden.

There is always a plant in need of a haircut in my garden.  This week it was the Fire Dragon bush, it had taken over my side garden and it didn’t look good from inside the house.  In keeping with my new pollinator friendly policy, noticed the new purple salvia container next to the bench.

For more information on how to turn your garden into a pollinator habitat, check The Xerces Society website. 


marlo said...

Great gardening continues....native is the only way to go. Try the native passiflora species. they will bring you many zebra longwing butterflies. If you have nectar for the butterflies and food for the caterpillars you will have many beneficial butterflies.

Endah Murniyati said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I love to see your flowers, all looks so awesome. An interesting blog.

Susan said...

Yeah Rusty!! You are so right and it seems as though more and more gardeners are thinking the same way.