Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gardening the job that never ends.

We experienced a wonderful cool and sunny weekend in South Florida, perfect gardening weather.  Time to work on my neglected front yard, I trimmed and pull weeds, so much so that I filled my garbage container.  The ground orchids are my anchor plants in the front of the house, and after a summer of plentiful blooms; these plants take on a brownish color during the winter, needing a major trim. I also did some deadheading, one of my favorite gardening tasks (I find it therapeutic).  Now that the days are getting longer, I will be spending more time after work deadheading most of my flowering plants. (A good way to unwind, with scissors in one hand and a beer or a glass of wine in the other)

This week at The DragonFly Garden

My vegetable garden is beginning to recover after it was destroyed by the rainy days in January.  Soon I will be making my lunch salads from the garden.

We had another new visitor to the garden this week, a Black and White Warbler.

I finally got a picture of the Gray Catbird bathing in the birdbath.


Anonymous said...

I often do a little late afternoon gardening with a glass of wine in one hand too. :-)

Always enjoy your posts ~


Susan said...

It's especially nice to spend the whole day in the garden in springtime. Great pic of the catbird. We have a pair in our yard every winter and I really enjoy them. Enjoy your days in the garden.