Sunday, May 01, 2016

Looking for volunteers

Is that time of the year when the Monarch butterflies return to garden to lay their eggs, and their favorite host plant is the Milkweed.  I can never have enough of these plants around; the good news is that the wind carries the seeds all over the garden and volunteers pop up anywhere.  Milkweed is a hardy plant, usually one Monarch will lay a few eggs per plant and days later the caterpillars will eat it in a day.  It takes a couple of weeks to recuperate and the plant is back up and running again.

This week at the DragonFly Garden.

The Irises are back.

A blue jay couple is building a nest in my Plumeria tree.


Susan said...

I've had lots of Monarchs around my garden, too. They've almost exhausted my milkeed. Thank goodness for all those free volunteers. How lucky to be able to watch the little babies in the best. Enjoy!

daisy gurl said...

I agree that one can never have enough milkweed when monarchs are around. We are expanding our butterfly garden this year and seeing lots of eggs.
Enjoy your critters.