Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rambunctious Garden

I finished reading a book this week named Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris, this book is about the footprint humanity has put on our planet and how it has changed what we today call nature.  Going back to pristine ecosystems, the ways things were before humans put their fingerprints on the land, is not only costly, but it is also impossible to replicate.  The author tells us that we should see nature in our surroundings, from our personal gardens, to the landscape in our highways and the weeds growing in abandon buildings. 
Rambunctious is the perfect word to describe my garden; there is no order to it.  I believe in mixing plants, trees and creating habitat for wild life.  So at the end of the day, you can call my garden a rambunctious contribution to nature in Miami.    

My former vegetable garden

This week at the DragonFly garden.
This weekend I worked on the patio next to the house, the Mexican flame vine was getting old and tired, it need it a hair cut, I also pressured cleaned the pavers and straight it out my storage shed.   

My shed before and after

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Susan said...

I think that's the best kind of garden and the birds really do love it. My storage area always ends up looking like that, too. We have to wait another 3 weeks before trimming anything back in case of a late freeze - the worst kind. We've had a warmer than normal winter, so hopefully we'll slip by. I do believe our winters are turning into your winter in S. Florida. Has yours been warmer than normal?