Sunday, April 09, 2017

Caterpillars in my parsley

Who is eating my parsley?? Several Black Swallowtail caterpillars have taken residence in my parsley plants and they are enjoying the buffet.  Bon Appetit 

This morning I went to work in the garden with no particular task in mind. The morning was cooler; probably the last cool weekend of the season.  The weather conditions were perfect for some physical work and this corner in the garden was looking a little empty.  (Container plants to the rescue!!!)  Moving a big bird of paradise and a bougainvillea planter was not easy, but it gave some color to this corner of the garden.  The flexibility of containers makes gardening fun, especially for a neat freak like me.

Next were my Bromeliads in containers, this is not one of my favorite task in the garden.  These plants fight back and no matter what protective gloves I use, they always get me.  Bromeliads pops need breathing room, when planted in containers.  Twice a year I take out the adults and let the pops breathe and grow.

Winter is our best time to have hanging baskets in our gardens.  Time is running out, soon the weather will become too extreme for these delicate flowers.  Some of these plants are self-seeding and will come back next year, like the Gerbera and Dahlberg daisies and the others come from the Home Depot garden department.  



Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Rusty,
Your garden always looks wonderful! Beautiful flower baskets! Happy Easter!

Misti said...

I've been hoping to get some black swallowtails on some of our plants, just some giant swallowtails on our citrus so far.

The bromeliads look great!

Susan said...

Hi Rusty, I love it when the caterpillars show up on the parsley. I enjoy it all through the winter and then they're welcome to it in late spring. Thinning out bromeliads is a dangerous job, but you're right they do need thinning. Hope you had a nice Easter!