Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where are the mosquitoes?

Summer has arrived, the heat and humidity is here but where are the mosquitoes? Oh I know we are in the middle of a drought, no water, no larva, no mosquitoes.
You would not be able to tell by these pictures that we are in the middle of a drought everything is so green in the garden. We been lucky, those of us living at the tip of Florida have not experienced the lack of rain that the rest of the state has. If you drive 40 minutes north to Ft. Lauderdale the story is totally different.
The summer favorites are blooming the picture above is a good combination of the Blue Plumbago, the Chenelle Plant (I like the Spanish name better “Rabo de Mono” monkey’s tail) and the Blue Porter flower.
The Blue Plumbago reminds me of Hydrangeas but with smaller flower clusters. This shrub flowers all summer long and the blue color adds contrast to the garden. The only problem with this plant is that it is very informal and will not adapt to any look, it needs to be trim three or four times a year. Once establish this plant does well in drought conditions.

Also blooming in the garden this week this beautiful rose color orchid, you can see the Spanish moss in the background.


rusty in miami said...

Hopefully, the skeetos will stay far, far away. Hi, Honey--it's me, your "better-half." The pics are wonderful! You are a gardening genious! Love, soft rains, rich soil, and beautiful blooms come your (our) way! Marisera

Nicole said...

The chenille plant and plumbago take me back to childhood-they were mainstays in gardens then! I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few months, especially how it mirrors my own garden experience in many ways.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love that Plumbago, it has such a lovely blue colour. I have one too, a light blue one that grows in my conservatory.

No mosquitos? Excellent, keep it that way! ;-)

Deborah said...

The mosquitoes are all up here in NW Florida. We are suffering a drough too, but with plenty of water on our property, the skeeters are thriving. Interesting thing, though, I haven't seen a single palmetto bug--I think it's too dry for them.

Your garden is lovely. It makes me miss Miami.

LostRoses said...

The mosquitos are probably breeding in my pond as we speak (gotta get one of those mosquito donuts in there). But first I want to go buy a plumbago! What an attractive bed, Rusty!