Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hurricane season begins.

Yesterday was June 1st; the beginning of the 2007 hurricane season, for those of us who garden in Florida is always a stressful time. Did all the efforts that we put in the garden this past winter was all for nothing. Twice already I have seen my garden destroy by one of these storms and had to start from scratch.
Every year we go thru the same ritual, the news media goes bunkers over how we all need to prepare and not be complacent. The state of Florida has tax moratorium for two weeks on all storm prepare items and the talk of the town is (Are we going to get hit or not)
This year I am thinking of buying an electrical generator. The last hurricane that passed by here two years ago was Wilma as a category one, the damage was minimum but it did a number to the electrical grid. I was lucky I was without electricity only two days but neighbors two blocks away were out more than two weeks. I can handle been with out air conditioning but I need my refrigerator.
The beauty of gardening in Florida is that plants are so resilient and most of then come back even after getting whack by a hurricane. This weekend we already have a storm forming in the Gulf, it has a name Barry. Thanks god is not expected to get much bigger than a tropical storm. It is dumping a lot of needed rain in South Florida, so no gardening for me this weekend.

The sun flowers are beginning to bloom this week. I planted the seeds about two months ago, my first time planting Sun flowers; they are a good fillers for my tomatoes bed.


Carol said...

That's a pretty sunflower. I hope you are spared from hurricanes.

LostRoses said...

Rusty, I was thinking about you today while I gardened and listened to the radio announcer talk about Hurricane Barry. Sounds like Tampa wishes they had gotten more rain from that storm! Anyway, I was wondering if your gorgeous garden had ever been decimated by a hurricane and I guess you answered that question in this post. Good thing gardeners are a hardy lot, right?

Wicked Gardener said...

I feel your pain. I'm in central Florida and thought I was realtively immune until 2004 when Frances put tree in the living room of a rented house we moved out of just two weeks before! Makes you wonder if it is worth it sometimes. Barry did give us two days of mild, misty rain that we desperately needed.

Jeanette said...

GDay Rusty, I hope that Hurricane Passes by and Misses your beautiful garden, How soul destroying it would be to see it all torn up. Take care

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Uh oh, I'm glad we don't do hurricanes where I live!!!

Isn't nature marvellous though that the plants just bounce back?

I hope you're not hit by a hurricane this year (and the next year and the next)!