Friday, June 22, 2007

Observations from my Garden

June in Florida = Rain. It has been raining for the last 14 days in a row. The mornings are nice but by mid afternoon the monsoon rolls in from the west and the sky opens up.
We are supposed to be in the middle of the worst drought in history and under severe water restrictions. With all this rain you would think that the Water People would ease the restrictions. But NOO, it seems that is not raining at Lake Okeechobee (The source of our emergency water supply) or so they say.
Personally I think is all a Government conspiracy against us gardeners and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wal-Mart garden department is also involve.
Too much rain is no good for a garden most of my plants are looking terrible, only the grass is having a good time, if you look closer you can see it grow.

This week I been seen a lot more bees around the garden, that is good news for everyone.

Update on the woodpecker that is nesting in old palm trunk. I can hear the hungry babies inside and mom and dad are kept busy shuttling with food.

Rain drops keep falling on my plants and DATATATA…..


Carol said...

We have been without a good rain until finally we had some this morning. My lawn is dry and brown, very unusual for June.

Are we gardeners ever satisfied with the weather?

Jeanette said...

We are on high restrictions also From july 1 no watering at all outside. and we have a full lake at the end of my street.but were told we have to be on same restictions as the state.being winter the dew and the frost keep ground damp but my hanging baskets ill have to start using water from tank soon and there not much in there we need good rains and in the catchment areas

LostRoses said...

With that kind of rain I'll bet you can watch your grass grow! The grass is getting rather patchy and brown here, so enjoy.

Love your comment on WalMart, too funny! And your red-bellied woodpeckers look to be very busy!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hope the rain has stopped there for you. Woodpeckers are interesting and that`s a nice picture. I enjoyed reading about your Dad, the gardener :)