Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mango season is here

Delicious mangos everywhere, I don’t have a mango tree but my back yard neighbor does. Some of the mangos hang over my property (My luck) but the majority rot on the tree, to the delight of birds. He is not a mango person and the tree was there before he moved into the house. If it was me, I would give it to my neighbors but not everyone is that neighborly.

My Cactus Orchid had a record 87 flowers last night, the most ever in one night.

Butterflies are everywhere this time of the year.

My first Coneflower, I got the seeds on my trip to Vermont last fall. I didn’t think they were going grow in Miami but to my surprised it did. Is not as spectacular as the ones growing up north but I am happy with the result. Maybe they will do better during our winter.

Update on my house renovation. Things are moving along not as fast as I would like but I am told that this normal, my contractor tells me it will be done by mid August, will see.
My Garden looks a bit abandon and over grown, I going to try to dedicate it some time this weekend to weeding and pruning.


Nicole said...

Luscious looking mango! I am really enjoying our mango season, eating at least two mangoes a day, sometimes 6!

Carol said...

That cactus orhid is AMAZING, and is probably closely related to my night blooming cereus. However, my night-bloomer lives inside year around, so I am happy to get ONE bloom a year. 87 blooms is absolutely jaw-dropping! That had to be quite a sight!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Susan said...

I totally agree with Carol - that cactus orchid is truly AMAZING. What a site it must be to see.

LostRoses said...

I'd like to think of another adjective for that cactus orchid besides AMAZING, but I'll have to stick with that. I'm awestruck!