Sunday, July 22, 2007

A new garden gadget

My wife talked me into going to LinensNthings to shop for pillows today and I got a new gardening gadget. Who knew?
I did not know that LinensNthings sold gardening gadgets. I got a Garden Rocker, great to do gardening while seating it makes it easy to move in any direction and it’s great to reduce stress on the knees; it comes with packets for tools and can be adjusted in height. I got it for $19.99 the original retail price was $39.99. Not bad for a trip to get pillows.

Yellow alder, consider a weed by many but I love this yellow flowers and this plant is very low maintenance


Meems said...

the last time i was in bed bath and beyond i noticed they had an entire section of gardening gadgetry. gardening HAS become a trendy thing to do... i guess that is why so many stores now carry this stuff. i'm all for it... would love for some of my neighbors to catch on to the trend. :-)

i have found a kneeling pad to be indispensable the last few years. it makes me wonder how i ever got along without it.

LostRoses said...

See, that wasn't a wasted trip, was it? Cool garden gadget too, but I'd need handles on the side to get myself back up!

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusy im back its been a while ive been a bit feeling under the weather.
Now theres a worthwhile trip it to buy pillows out with a garden rocker, ill have to look out for 1 of those, Take care,

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Giggle, you should visit LinnensNthings more often, it seems. ;-) That rocker sounds like a pretty good garden gadget to me.