Saturday, December 15, 2007

December Bloom day at the DragonFly Garden

This morning I was out in the garden early with my camera to capture the blooms of the day, we are expecting a cold front later today that is bringing some needed rain and cooler temperatures (The forecast for tomorrow low sixties and high mid seventies, sorry northern bloogers but that is a cold front for us)
This is the beginning of my favorite time of the year in the garden. The plants and flowers are not stress as they usually are in the heat of summer. As long as we keep the water coming the garden looks great. This is going to be a problem this year with the severe drought we are experiencing.

My Aloe Vera plant flowered for the first time ever.

The Eggplant flower is beautiful but I had a hard time getting this pictures because the flower points down.

My Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia) tree is beginning to bloom, should be at its peak by Christmas.

King Mantle, one of my favorites in the winter garden.

Pink Dragon Wind Begonia.

The White Plumeria last bloom of the year.

The giant White Bird of Paradise, is magnificent!!!!

This month my Canna Lily flower is different from the picture of my post last month. Is the same plant, but the flower has a touch of red.

This is the first flower from my Devil’s Trumpet plant I purchased last month at the Fairchild Gardens festival.

Impatiens, are always a sure thing for our winter garden

Senior moment??? I totally forgot the name of this flower

The Zinnias are doing well. The snails have not discovered them.

That is it for this month, now I am going to the garden to put in some time before the rain comes.


Brenda said...

I have never before seen an aloe vera bloom, thanks for posting it. I love the Devils Trumpet bloom, it is very pretty.
Do your plumerias loose their leaves there in the winter? They do here.
Hope you get lots of rain.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I love that Brunfelsia tree of yours the flowers are simply wonderful. How nice to have such a colourful display for GBBD in December. How nice that your new Devil's Trompet is flowering already!!!

Carol said...

I've also never seen an aloe vera bloom. That is quite nice.

I hope you 'survive' your cold front!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I haven't seen an aloe vera bloom either. I doubt mine ever will, but who knows.

I'm at the computer with a warming blanket over my shoulder and lots of snow outside, so I'm quite envious of your warm weather and lovely blooms.

Meems said...

rusty: hope you are getting some rain down your way- we finally got a little yesterday and forecast is for more tonight... hallelujah! AND cooler weather- feels like summer outside tonight... yuck.

could your little yellow flowers be kolanchoe?

i LOVE the yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. i don't have one but my neighbor has a couple of them --they are ginormous and bloom beautifully! i must add one to my wish list.

Bonnie said...

Wow, some really stunning flowers. I love the brunfelsia and the bird of paradise. Hope you'll get plenty of rain with the storms to help out with the drought.

Phillip said...

Beautiful blooms and flowers, I especially like the pink begonia. Nice blog!

Stef said...

horray! this is the first gardening blog i've come across for miami! what a beautiful garden you are growing! i'm the organizer for miami's guerrilla gardening troupe (we call ourselves the "tree-0-5") if you'd like to link up with us on one of our digs, please do! check us out at:

Wicked Gardener said...

Even I am jealous of those blooms! The same cold front bringing you pleasant weather is bringing me frost! Yuck! And yesterday was in the 80's! Keep on keeping us sane until spring. Beautiful pictures.

kate said...

I love the White Bird-of-Paradise flower and the King Mantle. Your Devil's Trumpet is gorgeous ... I loe that soft-yellow colour.

Of course, I am totally envious of your weather and your garden.

gintoino said...

beautiful flowers rusty. Love the aloe ( the plants that are sold here as "aloe vera" are bigger thatn that, have yellow flowers, and don't look as nice as that one)
The begonia reminds me of my grandmother, she always had it in her house, unfortunatelly I was never hable to grow it succefully...

Nicole said...

Glad to see you have lots of blooms in december. Many of our flowers are the same. My aloe vera has bloomed-yellow. I got some pups of the orange type last year. When massed aloe vera blooms are lovely.

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty, Love all your plants My friends Aleo has a large flower every season ive got a small one from hers so I suppose it will take a couple of years before it flowers, On I never seen a white Bird Of Paradise Is Beautiful, mines Yellow... Merry Christmas.. Rusty..

mightymatt1313 said...

I love the devil's trumpet!