Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brrrrrr is soooo cold in Miami!!!

Last night we had a visit from a cold front. The temperatures were in the mid thirties this morning with the wind chill in the upper twenties. That is the lowest temperatures we had in four years.
Yesterday I was out in the garden getting my plants ready fort the drop in temperature. I covered the more delicate plants and brought in most of the potted plants.

This morning I surveyed the damage; most of my plants came out OK. The Coleuses are not looking good, but they will come back. My Brunfelsia and Angel Trumpets had some damage
from the wind.
Not to worry, every thing will be back to normal by Saturday, we expect temperatures in the mid 70's


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Yes, for Florida it is quite cold. It's my experience too that it is the icy wind that is doing the most damage to the plants not the cold itself.

Have a great weekend Rusty!

Meems said...

Rusty: who could imagine mid thirties in Miami? My coleus didn't like the freezing temps at all...they shriveled up and wilted.
Glad you didn't have too much damage. This weekend should be Florida beautiful! Have a great one.

Wicked Gardener said...

Rusty: Does weather that offically make us Northerners? No? Oh well. Glad your tomatoes still look good!

LindaD said...

Looks like things did pretty well in your garden - nice! We lost very little - Lakeland - in our yard, but all around us I see lots of freeze damage. In Zephyrhills, we lived in a very cold pocket with frost each morning for weeks on end. Here, it seems to be a warm spot. YEA!!!