Monday, January 28, 2008

Fix the garage or work in the garden

This past weekend was a typical winter weekend in South Florida, temperature in the low seventies, not a cloud in the sky, and a gentle breeze coming from the ocean. Weekends like this are the reason we put up with the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes of summer.
I had planned to work on fixing up my garage (a job that never ends) but I could not resist the call from the garden. I decided that a couple of hours Saturday morning working outside would set the tone for a great weekend.
I transplanted and divided my ground orchid getting seven plants from one. This is going to look very nice by the time summer comes around.

I cleaned out my Bromeliad bed. Every year around this time, I separate the mother plants that flowered during the year from their pups growing from the bottom of the plant.
I pruned my Lantana plant by the side of the street (I think I over did it) I am thinking of enlarging this garden bed and planting more Lantanas of different colors.
I also planted some Hollyhocks that I am growing from seeds and refreshed a few of my hanging baskets and planters with some colorful flowers that I purchased at my local nursery.
I voted (we have early voting for the Florida primary), my wife and I went to see the movie, “Atonement,” (very powerful movie and very sad, I recommend it) and yes, I was able to put in a couple of hours fixing the garage. All in all, I had a very pleasant and productive weekend.


Carol said...

Yes, that is quite a hair cut you gave that lantana!

Sounds like a very nice weekend, and your garden is looking wonderful.

Here, winter hangs on but we expect it to, it's January. But we've had many sunny days, so I'm not complaining (much).

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Nicole said...

Very pleasant and productive indeed. I managed to set out my tomato seedlings that were ready, and also some re potting. I read Atonement on my flight from Asia, and cant wait to see the movie.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Phew, you gave that Lantana a crewcut Rusty! I can only grow them in pots that have to go inside once it gets cold. I'm very curious to see your ground orchids in flower, I think they will look wonderful once they are in flower! Can't say I was surprised to learn your garden won from work on your garage. ;-)

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty, Your ground orchids are going to put on a show when they come into flower,, Love your Bromiliads ive just been out taking a couple of photo's of mine......

Jon said...

I really enjoyed visiting your neat blog and fine photos, and I envy your tropical climate. My cousins live in Tampa and St. Pete and I am always jealous of their tropical gardens. Here in Mississippi, I have to bring all my tropical plants inside before winter arrives. Best regards, Jon on 1-30-08 at

ldybug said...

Here in Palm City, my dwarf orchids look the same as yours...they have brown spots and look ratty. The flowers stopped blooking within the past 30 days. Is this pretty normal for them? It's some dirty work separating those bromiliads. You had to do it though.