Sunday, December 07, 2008

A busy weekend at the DragonFly garden.

This weekend I decided to start a new project. For a long time I've been thinking about changing the side gate at the front of the house and the two monster bougainvilleas over the fence.
My wife wants to replace the wood fence with an iron fence; I am warm to the idea but it will probably be expensive ("expensive" in today's economic times might not be such a good idea). For now, I am going to cut back the bougainvilleas, pressure clean and paint the fence, and repair the gate. This is going to take several weeks and a good amount of sweat equity! There is a lot of bougainvillea to cut and my garbage container is not very big.

I also updated the rose bushes, added fertilizer, some manure, mulch, and a recycled border from another part of the garden

The lone rose in bloom this weekend.

This week my local Home Depot was selling bushels of medallion onion seedlings. I couldn’t resist it and bought a bushel. I planted about 30 and gave the rest to other gardeners in my neighborhood. I've never planted onions before but am hoping for a good harvest in about 100 days (according to the instruction booklet).


Nancy said...

Be careful, OH so very careful, while cutting back the bougainvillea. It is a wicked plant with thorns that are incredibly sharp and have a microscopic hook on the end. In other words, touch one and it'll stick you.

I cut back/down a bougainvillea that was growing about the same way yours is, so I speak from experience. If you want them to grow back, just leave the stumps, if you don't want them to grow back, you'll have to dig out the roots and perhaps, treat the remaining parts of the plants with an herbicide.

My recommendations are long stem snips, gauntlet gloves and contractor grade garbage bags (to be kind to the garbage men who pick the stems up)

Good luck.

flowergardengirl said...

Goog luck with everything. It's too cold here for any blooms so I enjoyed your lonely rose.

Cheryl said...

Hi are going to be busy but it will be a job well done.....

Perhaps the iron fencing can come sometime in the future.......