Sunday, March 01, 2009

Battle against the Oxalis weed continues.

My garden continues to be inundated by the obnoxious oxalis weed. I am adding newspaper and lots of mulch in all the flowerbeds, this should hold it until early summer.

In another part of the garden I added the Spanish-needle weed (go figure!) this weed also grows wild everywhere by the side of the roads and in fields. What I like about the Spanish-needle is that pollinators love the flowers, this morning the bees were buzzing all over it.


Randy Emmitt said...

Just found your blog, Miami is a good place for year round dragonflies? This weed can't be remotely difficult to remove when compared to such pests we have here in NC like Japenese Bamboo Grass and the dreaded blackberry.

Jeanette said...

Gday Rusty.. My gosh your facing a uphill battlr with that darn oxalias I resorted to spaying it it lessoned it for a while.. but making its way back rapidly and its a full time job trying to keep it in check we have another pest called onion weed oboy its hard to remove.

Frances said...

Hi Rusty, yes, isn't it ironic that we battle one kind of weed and encourage another? We have that oxalis too, and it is nearly impossible to get it all. The battle cannot ever be completely won, for the wind carries those weed seeds and likes to plant them on top of our barriers! HA Persistence and dedication are key. :-)

gintoino said...

I know what that is...My garden is also full of oxalis. Ita a never ending war.

Gail said...

Hi is a never ending battle with invasives! I like to smother them with newspaper, too. Sometimes it takes a thick layer and loads of mulch.

Ahh gardening, isn't it wonderful!


Anonymous said...

The Spanish Needle is considered a weed and yet it is so attractive to bees and butterflies. In addition you can do the research and you will find that it has so many healing properties when used as a tea. I also found out it can be used as an insecticide for some common pests.
Nature is truly magnificent providing us everything we need.