Friday, March 13, 2009

The DragonFly garden is under construction

Yes that is right my garden is under construction, you remember back in December when I decided cut down the two bougainvillea bushes by the front of the house and fix the gate. Well the project has expanded (like every project I take on is never that simple) it now involves contraction workers and materials, and as you know gardens and strange workers do not mix.
I was assured the work would be finish today, so when I came home this afternoon “surprise surprise” it was not (fool did you really think they would finish on time) tonight I am not a happy camper, the place is a mess and many of my delicate plants are in shambles. I will post pictures when the project is finish.
Wish me luck


Meems said...

Hi Rusty,
Did you put in that iron gate? Can't wait to see what you've done. No, the workers never seem to honor the plants and foliage already in place. Why is that?
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

blossom said...

Yeap, good luck. And, don't forget those pictures.

Gail said...

Oh dear, the big footed construction crew always step on plants...even when I point them out! Looking forward to the results! gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Rusty .. you won't be alone .. we are having a new deck put in .. a new shed as well, so I'm thinking some plants will suffer no matter what they say ?
Hope all revives to its natural beauty again .. your garden is always so beautiful .. try not to worry, plants pop up even when stressed : ) Joy