Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of the vegetable growing season

This weekend I cleaned out my small vegetable patch and except for a cherry tomato plant that continues to produce and the white Vidalia onions, everything else ended up in the compost bin.

This was another disappointing year for my tomato plants. The fruits were small and few.

I tried onions for the first time and as you can see it was a bust. I planted the onions around Christmas and so far all I see is one onion. (My farming ancestors are probably turning in their graves!)
I am not giving up just yet. Tomorrow I am heading out to my local library to check out any book I can find on the "mysteries" of vegetable gardening in South Florida.

On the positive side, the herbs are doing well and probably will last for another couple of months.

Unless my wife cooks up a storm and uses them all!


Prospero said...

Hi Rusty. Sorry to hear about your vegetables. But, I like your attitude (I'll get it right next time). You sound like me and vegetables (never quite getting it right - but never giving up). I find vegetables much harder to grow than ornamentals. My onions this year are a big success (I planted them in October). It's also interesting that your vegetables are finishing up - and here, things just can't get started. For example, it's barely getting up to 70 degrees during the day and my heat-loving cucumbers are just not happy).

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so neat. I'm working on that.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Such a neat garden.... Love it.... cheers! ~ bangchik

Brenda said...

I haven't tried onions, but I have wonderful luck with chives.

Pooka said...

It seems that a lot of vegetable plants dont really thrive so well down here in south florida :(

My onions were a bust as well :(