Saturday, December 19, 2009

All gardeners with bad knees need a potting bench

This morning I decided that I needed a potting bench in my garden, my knees are not what they used to be, and I need to do as much gardening standing up as I can. I was inspired by Marlene at the “Why I need a garden” blog, she did a fantastic job with her potting area.


This corner of the garden is where I keep my compost bin, and the only place I have room for a potting area; it gets plenty of shade and that’s good protection from our sunny summer days.

All the materials that I used for this project were recycled from other areas of the garden. The total cost to my pocket was zero.

Yesterday was a very strange December day for us; the winter storm that is hitting the northeast today passed by here yesterday, and gave us torrential rains that caused floods and even a tornado. Definite not typical Miami winter weather. Today is a different story, the weather is magnificent sunny, breezy and temperatures in the upper sixties perfect for gardening. The heavy rain yesterday dropped a lot of flowers from my Brunfelsia shrub.

This coming week I will be off from work and I am planning for plenty of time in the garden, so stay tune for more projects to come.


Nell Jean said...

Bad knees need a stool on which to perch, too.

Good use of recycled and repurposed items from your garden.

Merry Christmas.

Grace Peterson said...

I heard about that storm, Rusty. I'm glad it didn't do any serious damage. Love your potting area!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Very clever, Rusty. I have a potting bench that was made for me and given to me by the editors of one of the magazines I work with. I even remember to use it (because my knees are also wicked).
You got rain, others got snow, and we're waiting to see what we get out of it. I'm glad the storm has passed you by.

Darla said...

Your potting area looks wonderful.

Meems said...

Wow, that wind from the storm was something else up this way in Central Florida. No tornadoes but some good rain levels.

A potting shed is on my Christmas wishlist... but mine will need a builder. Maybe I should think about something temporary in the meantime... since I don't think Santa is bringing me one. Good use of your materials to help your knees.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty....I love the fact that everything was recycled for this project. If only more people would follow your excellent example.

A potting bench is a must, I agree. Constant kneeling can damage knees, no matter what your age.......

Ceilidh said...

I keep meaning to tell you, but haven't, that I just love your yard. All your stepping stones making perfectly lined garden areas--I SOOOO need and want to do this in my own yard (also in Florida). I have even gone to Lowes and Home Depot to look for suitable stones (but haven't found any I like).
But you are an tidy well manicured inspiration to me and I always look forward to your posts and pictures!

Marlene said...

Hi! Rusty
You did a great job, it looks very fuctional. It's awesome that you did all that with recycled items.
I'm so happy that you like my little area. THANK YOU!

Quickgarage said...

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My Little Family: said...

You garden look great. And the potty area is fabuloso!

Mother Nature said...

Good job, Rusty. Shade protection is a must for me also. Gardening never stops in Miami I guess. Sigh!

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