Friday, December 04, 2009

Not much gardening this week.

For the last two weeks there has not been much time for blogs or gardening at the DragonFly, my employer kept me busy at the office. My company is getting a new president and he came to NY this week to meet all the US based employees, needless to say we were all trying to put on a good show. My week culminated with a last minute trip to NY for three days of work and more work, I didn’t get to see much of the city. I was there during the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center but didn’t see it.

One of my bougainvillea plants in a pot, this is their time to bloom.

I am glad to be back in hot Florida, the weather in Miami has not changed much, we get up in the morning with temperatures in the mid seventies and by the time lunch comes around is up to the mid eighties, typical Miami. For the last two days we had some needed rain, enough to fill my empty rain barrels.

Ornamental grasses doing what they do best bend with the wind. The yellow flowers in the picture are thryallis.

This jug was part of a broken water feature I had in the garden, now is part of the garden decoration.

This four by six feet space is my miniature jungle, where many creepy things live, and not even my dog Rosie dares to go.


Darla said...

Isn't it nice to return home to what you are comfortable with. Your bouganvillea is gorgeous. So, here in Tallahassee we received over 6 inches of rain Wed. and Thurs., today it never got out of the forties with misty rain, now at 8:22 it is one degree short of our high for the day, 46

Grace Peterson said...

I love your mini-jungle! What a great idea. Your travel was quite a temperature disparate. From summer, to winter, back to summer. I'm sure you're glad to be home. And how nice it must be to have such fabulous plants to greet you.

Susan said...

Glad your back in the sunny south and blogging again. Lovely photos of your yard. I've never thought of growing a bougainvillea in a pot. That would be perfect for us, as we could bring it in on an occassionally cold night. Is that a thornless variety?