Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ready for the compost pile

While many of you in the northern hemisphere are getting ready to plant your vegetable gardens, those of us in South Florida are beginning to clean up and put the leftovers in the compost pile.
My vegetable garden this year was a total failure, mostly due to our unusually cold winter. Most of my tomatoes plants died except for the yellow cherry that continue to produce.

Every year I get a dozen or so eggplants, this year the production was zero, these plants are in good shape and continue flower, but I have little hope of getting anything this late in the season.

Most of the herbs will hold on for the next couple of months; others like rosemary are year around plants.

This was my first year growing arugula and it was a success, the plants continue to produce. My wife and I love arugula in our salads but not everyone is a fan, the taste can be a bit strong.
During the summer this area of the garden can be a challenge, the summer sun plus the heat generated by neighbors wall creates an impossible area to grow anything, I am thinking of trying watermelons this summer.

Vegetable planting time is only six months away.


ldybug said...

those frost bitten tomatoes are such a bummer.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty.....It felt quite odd reading that we are only just thinking of planting tomatoes. Sorry that your winter was so you say only six months to wait. It will soon pass.

Nicole said...

Try finely chopping the arugula and adding it to the cabbage in your coleslaw-great! The blooms are tasty in salads or as garnishes, too.

Darla said...

Just getting tomatoes on the plants now, have watermelons up..

Susan said...

I still can't used to the idea that your veggie time ends so much early than ours here in the center of the state. Looks like you had a good crop of tomatoes.