Thursday, April 29, 2010

The year of the begonias

This year I planted an overabundance of begonias and so far they are doing well. Every year I try planting something different around this time, and if it makes it through our hot summer, it’s a keeper.

This white begonia is my favorite, it comes from my Dad’s garden and every year in the spring it send many shoots with beautiful flowers. I don’t know the name but this year after is done with the flowers I am going to divide it, this corner of the garden is getting too small.

Last month Home Depot had a sale wax begonias 6 for $1.89 (you can’t beat that price)

Other begonias in my collection: angel wings, begonia adorata and dragon wings.

This weekend I am going to Orlando to see the flower festival at EPCOT. Look for the pictures next week on this blog


Bernie said...

Begonias are one of my favourite plants ... but I can't grow them in my outdoor garden beds here as the summers would be far too harsh. Looks like yours thrive in outdoor garden beds ... are they only out there for the cooler months?

I do love that white begonia ... that's a variety I haven't seen before. It's quite lovely.

Ami said...

I am so glad that you made this post. I love begonias, and I have begonia adorata and dragon wings as well in my garden. Hmmm, I guess I missed HD wax begonia sale :( Your white begonia is my favorite! Too bad I can not find anywhere this is for sale, I guess I have to keep drooling over yours :)

Darla said...

Begonias are great plants...have fun at the flower festival!

Floridagirl said...

You have an awesome begonia collection! I'd love to know the name of that white one. I only grow the dragonwings, which perform very well for me, summer and winter. I've tried wax begonias before, but they just melt away in the heat. I don't know, maybe not enough shade where I planted them?

Susan said...

Hi Dragonfly gardener...I, too, love begonias...they're quickly becoming a new obsession. The begonia in the top photo is called Lotus begonia because of the size and shape of the leaves. It's a real beauty and is blooming nicely in my garden, too.

sanddune said...

Your Begonias look good. I have a couple I think are Dragon Wing. Only problem is there is little shade here now summer is approaching.Hope yours do well in our South Florida summer.