Monday, July 05, 2010

Pictures from the garden

This morning we had the first sunny morning in over a week, a perfect time to take pictures in the garden.

Most of the flowers from the plumeria tree are on the ground, after three days of constant rain.

The combination of the purple allamanda and the white mandevilla gives color to this corner of the garden.

This female Monarch butterfly is taking a break after laying eggs allover my milkweed bushes.

Here is one of many Monarch caterpillars in the garden, devouring my milkweed bushes.

The Mexican flame vine has outgrown the trellis; I definite need a stronger structure to keep this aggressive vine happy (a project for cooler months).

Bougainvillea flowers at the right time of the morning when lighting is perfect for a picture.


Susan said...

Hi Rusty...We've been getting lots of rain, too. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun will reappear. Your garden looks like it enjoyed all that nitrogen-rich rain. Very lovely summer garden.

Darla said...

nice gardens. can't wait for the monarchs to show up here.

Floridagirl said...

Lovely garden! Your allamanda and mandevilla are so pretty! I love your grouping of broms around the bird bath as well. My blooms have been looking pretty bedraggled lately, thanks to five straight days of rain. Sad that your plumeria blooms fell. I've been checking my plumeria daily for any sign of buds. Even if it doesnt' bloom, I'm just happy it survived winter. It looked rough there for a while.

Kimberly said...

Yes, the rainy season is here, isn't it? It's been so dry and hot, now rainy. Your garden is obviously happy for the looks beautiful! I've got so much weeding to do because of the rain.

The monarchs are also very busy in my garden, as are the gulf fratillary cats. Cant wait for the butterflies!

Wendy said...

omg, this sure is a wonderful oasis. what an amazing escape from the city.

btw, the mango festival sounds fun. My husband's near West Palm right now visiting his bro. He usually sneaks a fresh mango from the backyard tree back home with him!

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

love your garden..... we are neighbours!! Florida soil is terrible..stones and sand.. What do you nourish your plants with?

SiestaSister said...

Rusty, do you have any idea why my plumerias bloom so late. All the FL blogs are talking about the plumerias in bloom. The one that was already here when we bought 2+ years ago is ready to bloom...probably while I am on vacation the next 2 weeks. Have 2 mystery ones that were given to me. I am hoping that at least one of them will be pink or red. The one I have is white with a yellow center.

I'm in Sarasota and I see plenty of plumerias in bloom here already.