Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back in the garden

For the last month I had been away from my garden, is been a busy month with family matters, a garage sale, and many college football games, so is time to get back to the soil.

Combat gardening

I have been putting off working on this bed in the front garden for a while. Between the little spikes at the edge of the bromeliads and the big spikes in the fig palm, this it is a dangerous place to garden.

I took out some of the old bromeliads and planted the left over from the garage sale.
The fig palm was a gift from a relative. A full-grown fig palm is beautiful, but I am wondering if my small urban garden is an appropriate place for one.

Courtyard garden

The courtyard in the north side of the house is the first thing visitors see when they come to my home. This time of the year it becomes a challenge to keep this garden looking good, it gets shade most of the day and plants don’t do well, except for impatiens. Saturday I visited my local Home Depot and bought several impatiens plants and mulch.

Added another succulent to the collection.

It has become a ritual for me; every time I go to Home Depot I come back home with a new succulent plant. I don’t want too buy them, but the store keeps on bringing more exotic plants.
It’s incredible to me the turn around I have done with these plants, I didn’t like them much before, and then someone gave me a book “Succulent Container Gardens by Debra Lee Baldwin” and I was hook.
The new addition is a crocodile plant.


I found this Kocopelli statue in a garage sale today. Kocopelli is a Native American fertility deity that presides over childbirth and agriculture. (At my age all I needed it for is agriculture)


Nicole said...

Your courtyard is beautiful! I think your new aloe is actually aloe brevifolia-one I love but haven't gotten yet.

Ami said...

Love your courtyard! Oh, my garden is the opposite to yours, too much sun, and not enough shade! I actually found there are lots of plants do well in the partial shade here in south florida. Coleus, begonia, ground orchids are doing much better in my partial shade spots than those grow in sunny area.

Your have a lovely succulent collection. I know those things could be addictive.

Antique ART Garden said...

Looks great, funny comment about your neat garage sale statue find. Home Depot and Lowes do force us to buy plants as soon as we enter the garden department. I will most likely stay away until next Spring anyway.

Darla said...

I too LOVE your courtyard area....and storks flying over the house would not help here either.

Drought Smart Plants said...

Isn't Aloe brevifolia the spiral aloe? Some have a right hand spiral, and some go the other way - how cool is that?

Rusty, love the red bricks in your courtyard, it has such a Mediterranean feel to it.

Green thumb said...

I agree with all the fellow bloggers, your courtyard is really very beautiful.
It happens with me too, whenever i go to the local nursery, i end up buying plants even when i do not intend to; just because they are too exotic to be turned away from.
I hope the statue gives you all it is supposed to, and more:-)

Honeybear said...

Where can I get crocodile aloe plant