Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ready for round two

We are getting another round of freezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow night. This is the second time this year and we are not finished with December yet.
What is going on with the weather?

This time I am ready.

I covered my succulents and my vegetable patch; I also moved all my containers to the back of the house. The wind tonight is coming from the west and that means that everything in the front of the house is going to get hit.


Darla said...

Hope your labor pays off. The wind has been insane!

Green thumb said...

I am sure your foresight is going to pay dividends.

The Florida Blogger said...

Yep, I'm thinking this weather should be reserved for February not December!

Susan said...

Hi Rusty...It's a sad day when you get freezing temps in Miami. Gee wiz...this winter is turning out to be worse than last year. We were in the upper 20's this morning (ugh) and didn't get above 32 until after 9am. I hope your plants will be okay.

David & Melanie said...

It is very crazy! I think of Miami as so much warmer than Houston. But I've had only one frosty night and it was only 32 for 1 hour.
Hang in there. It will probably be since you've wrapped your plants and they are by the warm wall of the house.
David/ Tropical Texana