Saturday, January 15, 2011

The first 2011 GBBD

These are the blooms at the DragonFly garden on the first 2011 Garden Blogers Bloom Day.

My favorite rose bush is starting the year with nice flowers.

The Powderpuff tree is in full bloom.

I like this picture from inside the tree.

One of my three Hibiscuses in containers.

This is the time of the year for the Brunfelsia tree to bloom. This year the weather damaged some of the blooms.

These Gerbera daisies were pink last year and now I am getting white flowers, go figure!!!

All my Lantanas were killed by the freeze last month except for these purple ones that seem to thrive in cold weather.


Darla said...

Just warm and cozy at your place. Mimosa Trees are very aggressive here. Love the Trailing Lantana...Hibscus and well, all of these!

Bernie said...

Beautiful blooms! Lots of them are so familiar ... Calliandras, Brunfelsia, Hibiscus, Gerbera. Lantana is classed as a toxic environmental weed here and we try to eradicate it ... it's still lovely though!

sanddune said...

The Lantana plants can go dormant with the freeze. My wild lantana is just branches now affected by the cold. Your dead lantana's plants may come back when the heat starts again. Don't pull them up yet and they may suprise you.

Ami said...

Beautiful! What is the name of that lovely rose? How does it perform during the summer? Those Gerbera daisies are pretty. Just love Garden surprises!

NanaK said...

I'm with Ami, I want to know the name of that gorgeous rose! Your garden seems to be recovering well from the cold weather. We're still nervous about February around the Path.

Susan said...

Your flowers look beautiful. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a hibiscus flower right about now. Oh well, it will be months before I have one of those. Enjoy!

Dawn said...

Very Pretty Garden Rusty. The Gerbera flowers might have changed color perhaps due to a PH change in the soil itself. Just a thought. I had scarlet Pineapple Sage that gradually morphed into a pretty light pink over a few years.