Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Oxalis weeds are back

The Oxalis weeds are back with a vengeance all over my garden. In past years it would bother me to no end, but now as an older and mellower gardener, I am learning to co-exist with the devilish weed.

There are only two options to eradicate them.
Nuke the bastards with chemicals (I am wiser than that) or get down on all fours and pull them one by one (Not enough hours in the day)

I have come to the conclusion that during the winter they will be part of my garden and there is very little I can do about it. I will continue to pull those that mock me, the one’s growing in containers or next to a favorite plant, and the rest can stay.

Smart Oxalis growing among my spiny bromeliads, I won’t touch that one.

Nice surprise, I found this orchid today. This one is growing in one of my palm trees, it gets very little attention from me, may be that's why I have not managed to kill her yet.


Darla said...

Oxalis torments me year around!!

David & Melanie said...

I have them in EVERY part of my garden and I feel your pain. They grow and then get attacked by a yellow type of rust that kills them back each year. I can't recall ever planting them, they just mysteriously showed up.

You are wise just to leave them alone. To pay them back for growing in your garden, why not pick every single one of their flowers and make them into bouquets. Maybe that will scare them off. LOL
David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

Victoria said...

Same here.. the weeds are back and i tried with mulch ///they still find a way to grow...I am scared to nuke them.. i dont like touching chemicals.