Sunday, April 01, 2012

Thinning the bromeliads

This weekend I worked with my bromeliads in the front garden (Not my favorite work) gardening with bromeliads can be tricky and a nuisance.
What to do with all the extra bromeliads pups? May be a plant sale.
I also made a kitchen garden for my daughter's new townhouse. She is a excellent cook and likes to have fresh herbs around. Her townhouse has a small patio in the back, where I will be designing her garden soon. She is my only hope, that my grandmother's gardening gene will continue in the family.

Good news on the fruit front, my papaya tree has a fruit. There is 50% chance that a papaya tree could turn out to be male and will never have fruits, this one is definitely a she.


Susan said...

Working with broms can definitely be sticky. Wish I lived next door to you with all those available pups. Oh well, I hope your neighbors are gardeners, too. Love the potted herb garden.

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