Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going back in time

This week I purchased hand push lawn mower.  No I haven’t gone crazy, and yes I have a lawn maintenance guy that comes every other week to cut and maintain the grass.  The way I see it, the more I expand the garden the smaller the grass area gets.  At some point in the near future the grass will be so small that I will be able to handle it with this push mower.  For now all I need it is for trimming in between cuts. 
This is the future folks, environmentally friendly gardening (unless you have half an acre of lawn) 
Yesterday I weeded the garden in the front of the house, after all the rain we had the last couple of weeks, the weeds and lawn are growing at warp speed.
My powder puff tree is recovering nicely after it was attacked by a fungus last year.  Not too many flowers so far.
 This area of the garden gets full sun most of the day, but the ground orchids don't seem to mind.

 Flowers of the week: White bougainvillea are not as common as the pink but they are as beautiful.
This Canna Lily was dormant in my back garden for a couple of years and this summer it decided to make an appearance.  I thought they were gone for good (Aren't plants great!!!)



Darla said...

Very the push mower...pretty Boug and Canna's are great plants...Happy Father's Day!

NanaK said...

Happy Father's Day! I think your pushmower is a great idea. I remember the "whir" sound of that from when my Dad used one for our lawn when I was a child.

Anonymous said...

very nice

Missy said...

The push mowers are still popular here with some dedicated gardeners. They swear by them and say they are very good for your lawn. (as well as being environmentally friendly and a great workout)