Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleaning after Sandy

Hurricane Sandy passed by yesterday about 100 miles east of the Florida coast, but left us a mess.  We have been dealing with constant rain and high winds since Thursday; this morning was the first sunny day and a good time to survey the damage.
My Starburst and Brunfelsia trees suffered the most and I’m sure that will hamper the blooms this winter.  Late season storms like this tend to do a number on winter blooming trees.

I was thinking this week that, this year I was a little late planting my vegetable garden.  After all the rain we got this week I’m glad of my procrastination. 
To everyone in the northeast, be safe and take hurricane Sandy serious.       


Victoria said...

HI Rusty, if you are planing to sell any cuttings or plants please let me know.

Northern Shade said...

You are fortunate that the storm didn't come any closer, but it still leaves a a big cleanup job. It's a shame about all of the foliage and damage to your flowering trees.

My lesson learned today:
Procrastination pays off. :)

Susan said...

It's a good thing Sandy didn't hit our state and the wind did enough damage. We're still windy today because of the cold front moving in. Guess I'll be picking up more moss!

Camellia Jhonson said...

Hurricane badly damaged your garden, but your efforts were really nice, and you had really done an excellent make over.

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