Saturday, October 06, 2012

No plants were wasted

Last week I pulled 10 yellow crotons (don’t know the common name) from my daughter’s front garden, and brought them to my place.  I don’t like to throw away perfectly good plants, even if they are not to my favorite, so I planted four around the back garden and the other six I put them in containers to give away.

I must admit the yellow crotons in the middle of all the green gives the garden a nice look, especially in the early morning when the sun is coming up. 

This week I received my order of vegetable seeds from Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, they were recommended by a friend.  This year I’m trying something a little different, I will try to grow must of my vegetables from seeds. 
In this part of the country we don’t have green houses to germinate our seeds, so the best place is a shady area to keep them away from the hot midday sun. I’m trying to grow tomatoes, broccoli and cucumbers, the rest I will plant later direct into the vegetable garden. 
Other pictures from the garden this morning 


sharon said...

6 Sialmtsgorgeous bromiliads!!..yes i hate to throw away plants infact Ive been know to rescure them from the gargage...:-)

Stiletto said...

A true gardener is one such as you, salvaging plants for giving away. You have a lovely well landscaped garden as can be gleaned from the sidebar of your blog. I like the image of the frog in the fountain.

africanaussie said...

there is something so satisfying about eating veggies that you have grown and nurtured all the way from seed. With heirloom veggies you will also be able to save the seeds.

Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

You're a gardener after my own heart... I saved a geranium by the side of the road the other day and brought it home, even though my main focus is on edibles. I can't bear to kill anything green unless it's a total garden-wrecking invasive. Good luck with the veggies, too.

Nicole said...

The yellow pop of colour indeed enhances the green. I just set out some croton cuttings from a friend and my husband recently bought 3 new crotons ( red, purple and yellow) he saw in the plant shop. Haven't had them for years as my cotons died from mealybugs a few years ago. There are some really striking colored and patterned crotons now.

Like you also recently set out some veggie seeds. Calabaza, tomatoes, eggplants, kale, sweet peppers and ground cherries seedlings are up.